Understanding the .com Domain Expiry Timeline and Renewal Process

As a domain owner, it is crucial to understand the expiration and renewal process of your .com domain to avoid any interruptions in your online presence. This article outlines the timeline and key stages involved in the .com domain expiry process.

1. Expiration Date

The expiration date marks the end of the domain registration period. On this date, the domain officially expires but remains functional for a limited time as it enters the grace period.

2. Grace Period (0-30 Days)

After the expiration date, the domain enters a grace period, which typically lasts 30 days. During this time:

  • The domain remains fully functional.
  • The domain owner can renew the domain at the regular renewal rate without any additional fees.

3. Redemption Period (31-60 Days)

If the domain is not renewed during the grace period, it moves into the redemption period, which lasts another 30 days. Key points to note:

  • The domain is not functional during the redemption period.
  • The domain owner can still renew the domain, but a redemption fee, in addition to the regular renewal fee, will apply.

4. Pending Delete (61-65 Days)

Following the redemption period, if the domain remains unrenewed, it enters the pending delete phase, lasting approximately 5 days:

  • During this phase, the domain cannot be renewed or restored.
  • The domain is scheduled for deletion from the registry.

5. Domain Deletion (Day 66)

After the pending delete phase, the domain is deleted from the registry and becomes available for registration by the general public. Once deleted, the previous owner loses all rights to the domain.

How to Avoid Domain Expiry Issues

To prevent your .com domain from expiring and potentially losing it:

  • Enable Auto-Renewal: Most registrars, including ICOREHOSTING, offer an auto-renewal feature that automatically renews your domain before it expires.
  • Renew Early: Renew your domain well before the expiration date to avoid any last-minute issues.
  • Keep Contact Information Updated: Ensure your contact information is up to date in your domain registrar account so you receive renewal reminders.
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